What BBAS can do for you
  • New program assessment: Governing bodies require documentation of library holdings in support of the proposed program. This includes a qualitative assessment and an estimate of need. Percent of core holdings can provide one measure of quality, and cost of core titles not currently in the library’s collection, provides an easy estimate of need.

  • Libraries need…to WEED: Users can upload files of book titles that are candidates for withdrawal, and retain any core titles. One customer utilized Bowker’s Book Analysis Service for a reference withdrawal project, uploading all reference holdings to BBAS to ensure that core print titles were retained. This helps make an assessment on whether to repair binding, replace, keep or discard.

  • Collection building: Users can run a comprehensive evaluation of certain collections to identify weaknesses, strengths, etc. A customer found that while they had a good percentage of core titles, the collection was very dated. Using funds set aside to build in this area, they exported a list of current, core titles that matched the curriculum, sorted by year, and purchased the newest titles until the price limit was maxed.

  • Selection: Lists can be run for librarians who need to purchase in their liaison areas, but may not be familiar with the subject. BBAS allows librarians to identify core titles and indicates whether the library already owns them or not.